5 in One Air Sofa Bed

five in one sofa bed Our Sofa Bed Air Lounge Is Branded, Is the Biggest and Of the Best Imported Quality. Why settle for just an inflatable queen size bed when you can have the 5 in 1 Sofa Bed! It's more than just an inflatable bed; the 5 in 1 Sofa Bed is the ultimate sleeping and seating solution. 5in1 air sofa bed is not just comfortable but will also add on to the beautiful decor of your home. the product provide great support while you have overnight guests at your home, house parties or while guests arrive over lunch or dinner. The best part about this product is that it can be deflated when not in use. This unique furniture is made up of high quality rexine and is thus very strong. It provides the best way to relax and provides high comfort to sit or sleep over it. A quick flip and the Sofa becomes a luxurious lounger great for watching movies, playing games or just laying about l! Turn the lounger over and now you have a relaxing recliner that provides hours of enjoyment while reading a book, taking a break from a hectic day, or just enjoying a nice outdoor session.

Drift away into your Queen sized bed for a great night's sleep or a refreshing nap during a hard day. Fold the Bed in half and now your children have the perfect sleep-over bed! With the 5 in 1 Sofa Bed you never have to pull out that lump of a fold away bed ever again, or worry where your guests will sleep. Use the 5 in 1 Sofa Bed and you will be sleeping in comfort anywhere, anytime!

Features Of 5in1 sofa bed

  • Can be used as a Sofa, Lounger, Recliner, Queen Sized Bed and Children's High Rise Sleeper.
  • Inflates in seconds with the Dual Action Turbo Power Pump
  • Deflates just as quickly for easy storage or transport in the included carry bag.

Included Products

  1. 5 In 1 Sofa Bed
  2. Dual Action Turbo Power Pump
  3. 3 Piece Pump Nozzle Set
  4. Travel Bag
  5. Instructions

Velvet Branded 5in1 Sofa Bed

velvet 5 in one air sofa bed Velvet branded 5 in 1 air sofa bed is a modern furniture that can be kept anywhere at your home either in living room, bedroom, or guest room. Provided with velvet cover, the furniture looks beautiful and serves five different purposes including a relaxed recliner, luxurious lounger, children high rise sleeper, an enticing sofa and a comfy bed. It is perfect for overnight guests, parties, sleepovers, friends and family visitings etc. Sofa cum bed is made with sturdy pre tested Vinyl along with a coil beam construction that can supports up to 600-pounds.

Features of Velvet Branded 5in1 Sofa Bed

5in1 Air Sofa Bed Video

  • Branded 5-in-1 Air Bed Delux with Velvet Cover
  • Double Lock Valve
  • Flocked Sleeping Surface
  • Sturdy Pre-tested Vinyl
  • Strong Coil Beam Construction
  • Quick Inflation/Deflation Screw Valves
  • Great for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Convenient Folding Design (A Couch or a Bed)
  • It has a unique velvet quoting unlike other beds
  • Double Size: 76" x 60" x 25"

Included Product

  1. Best way Sidewinder AC 220-240V Air Pump Included
  2. Durable Nylon Carry Bag Included
  3. Durable Nylon Carry Bag Included